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History of North Halifax Taekwondo

Mr Roger Lawrence

Master Andrew Chesworth

North Halifax Taekwondo was formed in March 2010 by 2nd Degree Blackbelt Neil Capper.

Neil Used to train with the T.A.G.B. (Taekwondo Association of Great Britain) at the school in Elland.  It was while at this school in November 2008 that he attended part 2 of the instructors course at the T.A.G.B. Headquaters in Bristol.

After qualifying as an instructor he would often help out at the club where he trained, and then in 2010 he opened North Halifax Taekwondo at Forest Cottage.

Over the coming months he started to become disillusioned with both the T.A.G.B. and the club where he trained.  It rapidly became apparent that both parties to whom he had given time, were more concerned about themselves and the financial side of things.  The very reasons the T.A.G.B. were formed were the same reasons he was becoming disillusioned.

Over the following months he began to notice more and more broken promises and greed, and therefore, in October 2013 he started to consider his future.  Would it be with the T.A.G.B. or with a different governing body?. 

Things came to a head when he realised how unapproachable the senior grades in the organisation had become and one too many promises were broken. He decided to leave the T.A.G.B. and join Mr Roger Lawrence, Master Erol Morgan and Master Andrew Chesworth who had also recently left the T.A.G.B. for the very same reasons, and formed, along with a number of other instructors and clubs, the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation.

Since joining the G.B.T.F. he has never looked back.  While still in its infancy, the organisation has the potential to become a leading exponent of the teaching of Taekwondo. 

Unlike some other clubs in the Area, the G.B.T.F. is large enough for the gradings to actually mean something.  With clubs as far afield as Birmingham, North Wales, Liverpool and Scotland, you will never be far from a G.B.T.F. school.

All Gradings (Belt examinations) are carried out by a member of the council and the standards are therefore kept the same, regardless of the club you train at.  To find out more about what a grading is, click HERE

The GBTF is primarily concerned with the promotion of Taekwondo and has returned to the original teachings of Major General Choi Hong Hi.


Master Erol Morgan