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Student Testimonials

We wanted our son to learn some self control without restricting his normal developement.  We also had worries about his confidence and the way he interacted with other children.  We have found that since joining the club, his confidence has improved remarkably, he is learning self control and now interacts with other children a lot more than he used to.  He now has the confidence to stand up in front of others when needed to.

Diane Hoyle:- Adams Mum

Connor started Tae Kwon Do about a year ago now.  We signed him up because he was shy and he has come a long way.  He's much more confident and has made lots of friends.  His teacher, Neil is fantastic, always gives you feedback after each lesson and is friendly.  Connor is now on his Green tag and will be going for his Green Belt in the next few weeks.  I would recommend anyone of thinking of joining the class to come along and see what it's all about, you will really love it.

Beatrice Oaks:- Connors mum


Kallum started Tae Kwon Do nearly seven months ago, We got him going because he was boisterous and lacking in discipline because of his ADHD, he has come such a long way in such a short time, he still forgets himself but is getting there. He's much more thoughtful and has made new friends. His teacher, Neil Capper is patient, understanding of Kallum’s behaviour. Neil always gives you feedback after each lesson and is friendly. Kallum is now a yellow tag and looking forward to going for his yellow belt in August. We were that pleased with Kallum’s progress we even started our Daughters one of which is also a Yellow Tag and ready to grade to Yellow in August along with Natasha who will be going for her yellow tag. I would and do recommend anyone of thinking of joining the class to come along and see what it's all about, you will really love it.

David Rhodes :- Kallum's dad

Taekwondo Granny

Great classes for all ages. Missed some months with ill health and can't wait to get back to training. Neil who runs the club is Patient and enthusiastic and will always go that extra mile for you. Give it a try, you won't regret it .

I started training after my three boys took up the sport. I needed something to aim for, and it also meant that I could help them with something they enjoyed and it would give me a new hobby. Tae Kwon Do has helped me to develop in many ways, my confidence has grown a great deal and I am always aiming to achieve higher in my training. One of my greatest achievement's in training was that it helped me to loose weight and build up my fitness, I found myself being able to take part in various training activities that I thought were near impossible, as well as the fitness it improved my flexibility a great deal. It has taught me what I would need to defend myself in a dangerous situation, should the situation ever arise, I know how to safely and effectively defend myself from an attacker including men who are bigger and stronger than me.

Lianne Melor.

My name is Courtney I started Taekwondo when my grandma brought a leaflet over to my house she said that joining the club would help my confidence because at the time I was very very shy. Since starting at North Halifax Taekwondo club I have been able to mingle with others and I have also been able to stick up for myself as I was being picked on. When I started at the club I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. The instructor, Neil Capper was very kind and he also doesnt throw you into the deep end unlike other clubs. The other students there are very easy to talk to and easy to approach. When I joined the club i didn't expect to get very far, however, for 2014 I have achieved the titles of; Northern England All Styles Martial Arts 2014 Champion and All of England All Styles Martial Arts 2014 Champion. I am currently a blue belt aiming for a red tag in 2015 I would recommend the club for any parents wanting to get there child to learn Self Defence or wanting their child to interact with others. It is a great opportunity and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Although Grace was a little nervous to start...she really enjoyed the experience! I can envisage that your class will only grow, and become well established within the community ( if not already No1) I can see you do it for the "love" which is the best policy! I would like to thank you for giving our future children a good guidance in life.

Francesca Jeffries:- Grace's Mother

North Halifax TaekwonDdo is very child friendly and welcoming. All members made me and my children feel part of an extended family. Although discipline is important for safety reasons, the class is fun and engaging. People obviously enjoy it because most students regularly attend 3 times a week. The instructor focuses on a good mix of class themes including fitness, self defense, preparation for grading and competition sparring practice. The instructor is supported by mentors who guide students through their practice. There are often fun out of class events such as laser tag to foster a club spirit. Free lessons are available at the start, so you might as well try it.

Idris, Student and father of 2 students

My teenage daughter has attended North Halifax Tae Kwon Do for sometime after the club was recommended by a friend. She began with no experience whatsoever of martial arts but her confidence has grown and she has rapidly progressed.  This being due to both regular attendance (due to her enjoyment of the classes) and because of excellent tuition from her instructor. Because the classes are fun, a way of meeting new friends, an enjoyable way of getting fit all while learning a new skill, I subsequently participated in the classes myself.

I like that adults and children of all ages and abilities attend the club yet Neil differentiates his tuition accordingly to each individuals needs (including those with special educational needs). I also admire his teaching technique, making sure everybody enjoys learning by having fun, whilst maintaining his students good behaviour through appropriate discipline and motivational factors such as positive praise, certificates, medals and ensuring others recognise their achievements. Neil has always shown a strong commitment to the club, often offering free extra sessions to help his students through gradings and competitions. He also actively encourages his members to socialise by arranging club events such as Lasertag.

would recommend the club to anyone wanting to find a new hobby or interest, an exercise regime, a social experience or an opportunity to engage in an activity as a family.

Lynne Brook:- Student and Students Mother

My son really looks forward to going and thoroughly enjoys it, and has made many new friends of different ages. Neil, his instructor is great and really brings out confidence, self discipline and a great sense of teamwork during training.!!!

Cheryl Luciano:- Rocco's mum