The Team

Below are members of the team at North Halifax Taekwondo

At the club, we assume that all students who pass their blackbelt will one day wish to become an instructor.  To help them with this and to let them become accustom to teaching before the attens the International Taekwondo Council's (ITC) Instructor Training course, they are given specific roles within the club.  This can include taking warm-ups before class, being responsible for certain belts or even taking linework practice, all under the supervision of the Lead Instructor. 

Below are details of some members of the team


Neil Capper

Lead Instructor

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 Neil started his Martial Arts interest at an early age.  He first tried karate and had his first class at the YMCA in Halifax at the age of 9.  He did this for a number of years.  In his teenage years, he was a typical teenager and could not settle on any particular art, trying out several different styles.

At 18 Neil joined the military and started training on January 9th 1988..  He undertook his training at the Sir John Moore Barrackes in Winchester and completed this in May1988.  He was posted to the 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry (2 LI) who were stationed in Hemar, Germany.  

After 9 years of service, Neil left the military..  It was then that he discovered Taekwondo.  He strated training with the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (T.A.G.B)  At first he was impressed with the training.  He trained twice a week and at weekends when possible.  After three and a half years, he passed his black belt. Shortly after this he attended the T.A.G.B. instrctors parts 1 and 2 courses and the Umpires and Referees courses.  He has also attended and completed the I.T.C. officials course and is now a registered I.T.C. official.

Neil opened his first club at Forest Cottage, Nursery Lane in 2010.  In 2012 Neil decided to leave the T.A.G.B and join the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation.

Nicola Blay

Assistant Instructor


Nicky started attending the club alongside her son in July 2013. Her main reason for taking part in the class was to use this activity as cross training as she was running and cycling on a regular basis. As she progressed through the belts her confidence grew in her knowledge and ability and this was shown after entering competitions in which she won several medals, including gold at different grades.

This in turn spurred her on to reach a level of blackbelt. She achieved this goal on the 25th November 2017 after several years of training with the club. 

Since gaining her blackbelt she has been undertaking duties of a trainee instructor within the club and often takes responsibility for teaching different belts what they need to know for their gradings.

Nicky has attended the ITC referee course earlier in 2018, which she successfully completed.  This now means that she is qualified to umpire and referee at various ITC competitions.  in 2018 she officiated at the World Unified Martial Arts (W.U.M.A.) competiton.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge with members who are working their way through the belts and is aiming to obtain her 2nd Dan in 2019