korean flagkorean flag As with any Martial Art, Taekwondo has an oath.  This oath is what a student strives to achieve through training and is expected to respect the words and the meaning behind them.  It is based on the 5 tenents of Taekwondo.

Below is the Taekwondo oath and below each statement is a commentary about what it means


Taekwondo Oath


I shall observe the tenets of Taekwondo.

All students must swear to carefully observe, acknowledge and live by each one of the Taekwondo tenets.


I shall respect the instructor and seniors.

A student vows to respect their instructors and those senior to them (both in age and  rank). An instructor must also act respectfully to all students and persons in order to be respected and therefore not misusing Taekwondo.


I shall never misuse Taekwondo.

One will never misuse Taekwondo to harm other, for their own personal gain or for any other manner that is unjust.


I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.

 If one becomes more open-minded to understanding others ideologies or the way others go about their lives instead of being quick to judge, then maybe the world would be a more understanding and accepting place. By accepting this belief one is bringing justice to this world and therefore being a champion of justice.


I shall build a more peaceful world.

As we often see, conflicts can occur over common misconceptions of information. One must understand the full story and have all the facts before they can truly make a proper judgement. However, this does not mean a student cannot defend themselves against aggression directed towards themselves as that would defeat some of the purpose of Taekwondo,.  That does not mean, however, that a student can provoke aggression towards another individual, as that would also be breaking the oath.