Below are some comments made by some of our students in regards to the club and what we teach.

All of the testimonials below are copied word for word from what the individuals have written, no changes have been made at all.


Since the age of 10 I have been involved in numerous martial arts and combat sports. Everything from judo as a boy, to kickboxing, boxing, kung fu and Olympic fencing. I have been a member of several clubs as a teenager, at university and as a mature adult.North Halifax Taekwondo is something special due to its unparalleled blend of family atmosphere, quality teaching and consistent encouragement to keep going. Technical improvement, is matched with weapons training, sparring, competitions and regular gradings with emphasis and support given on an individual basis. I train with my wife and three children. I have never witnessed a better environment or instructor to learn from - Chris White, Adult Student


Jacob was only 3 when he started learning Taekwondo with Neil in May 2018. He was painfully shy and didnt like contact with anyone and rarely spoke to people he didnt know. I would never have imagined Jacob standing in front of a stranger to grade for a belt, but he did and passed! All I can say is the patience both Neil and other members of the club have shown Jacob as slowly made him feel part of the team. He has always been respectful but now he is in a place where it is matched and he has so many role models who all chip in and support each other within a disciplined yet fun environment. His confidence, fitness, strength, speed and coordination have all improved massively. He has made friends with people of all ages and abilities and everyone as made him feel more than welcome. If someone is willing to put in the effort then the awards are vast. I have never known a club to give so much to their students and always have them moving, taking part and doing something keeping them interested and focused. I would Highly recommend anyone thinking of taking part to come and join in. - Fiona, 


My 6 year old son Andre and I joined this club as it was on our doorstep and we had heard it was very family orientated .I did karate as a teenager but stopped after school and wanted my son to learn a discipline but something slightly different  For the first few sessions I spectated only and after watching the way our instructor Neil train his class and see my son not only progress but love the class , I couldn’t help but want to join in ! Almost nine months later we have achieved our yellow belts! It’s not been so easy for me especially as I do struggle with fybromyalgia and osteoarthritis as well as being 51 years young ,but Neil makes slight adjustments for whatever issues or disabilities his students have whilst still pushing us and encouraging us as much as he can . I cannot imagine my life without taekwondo now and I want me and my boy to go as far as we can in this discipline . It’s not only getting us fitter but it’s helping my 6 year old learn discipline and respect . Thanks to Neil our instructor and the lovely helpful students there I feel like  part of a second family who respect encourage and complement us in our shared journey . Thankyou Neil and the gang ,because of your devotion to Taekwondo we are staying with you for the long run - Andrea and Andre


Our son reece started Neils Taekwondo 3 years ago as a white belt, we felt he needed something like this as he was being bullied and was becoming withdrawn. He has recently graded and moved up to red tag, we are really proud of him. Thanks to Neil and the club Reece is no longer bullied and on the odd occasion that someone tries he has no problems telling us and the self defence Neil has taught has helped as it is not all about ways to hit back, its restraint and knowing when the time has come to hit back. He is a bright, confident, young man who competes in sparring competitions and enjoys going to taekwondo. As parents, you can speak with Neil about bullying, if your childs being naughty at school or home and he will put more discipline in at taekwondo having them workout more and let off some steam. It is a great way to learn self defence and keep fit in a friendly environment, a place where new friends are made not only by the participants but also the parents. - Margaret, Mother of Reece


My son who is on the Autistic Spectrum was looking for a club to try a martial art.

North Halifax Taekwondo was recommended to us via Life Line, a Calderdale based group aimed at supporting individuals who had difficulties either learning, emotional or socially. 

From his first session he was made to feel welcome and that nothing would be to much trouble if he needed anything. 

The instructor and the family feel of the club gave him a huge boost in his confidence and self esteem and he even entered competitions for both pattern work and sparring at which he has won medals. 

He is currently working his way through the belts and enjoys both the training and being able to be himself with some of his peers that are his own age group and currently train as well. 



My son was very shy when he started the group but he has come around now thanks to Neil Capper the instructor hes more confident in class and likes taekwondo Logan only attends twice a week and is going to start doing competitions again.cant fault this class at all.thankyou everyone - Louise, Mother of logan


My son is 7 and has been with the club for almost a year now. He has come along leaps and bounds. He has learnt new skills, discipline, a new culture and traditions. Most of all respect for himself and others. 
Sir is excellent with all graders. Very supportive and keen to see progress amongst the group. He has a team of black belts who follow in his footsteps proudly. - Jo Hall


Great my little boys confidence has grown since starting here Neil is a very good instructor my boy loves going everyone is friendly and helps others will definitely recommend to anyone 10 out of 10 - Alison, Mother of Oliver